Firewalls: Modern-Day Moats

Firewalls: Modern-Day Moats

In an all good, positive, happy world, no one would be trying to mine or steal your data. But as a computer tech, I can tell you that there are known and unknown threats continually trying to mine your data. That’s why a firewall — an intelligent network security system that keeps your business safe from intruders — is an essential business need.

Your company’s computer system sits on a huge global computer network that we call the internet. Every day, you exchange packets of information with this network. Think of this firewall as a moat or a fence that keeps people from getting into your business. Internet security threats include (but are not limited to) data mining, viruses, spyware, malware, and phishing.

I’ve been selling firewalls since the late 1990s. Once the internet became browsable by the general public (1993), people started reported having data stolen from their computers. A firewall is as vital as a lock for a front door or insurance for your car. A decent firewall will block access to known malicious sites on the internet and provides logging to explain where the attacks are coming from.

We sell a firewall to every one of our small business customers. The protection built into your internet router is weak. The antivirus software built into Microsoft products doesn’t fully protect your network, either.

If we’ve already sold firewalls to our current customers, why am I writing about them here? Recently, I became a reseller of Watch Guard firewall systems, a Seattle based company. I’m excited to sell Watch Guard because their focus is on protecting small and medium sized businesses, along with providing education and support for every reseller.

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