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Asset Reporting/Lifecycle Management

We have the tools to track all your hardware and software. With our reporting you will know what you have in production and when it is time to upgrade, refresh or retire old devices and software. We help simplify a process that small business does not have the resources or time to manage.

Managed Backup

Prevent data loss and ransomware with our fully managed backup solution and disaster recovery plan that protects your data stored locally on workstations and servers, plus backup data stored in the Cloud at Microsoft 365. We continually monitor and test your backup to ensure it is healthy.

Firewalls with VPN

Firewalls that include subscriptions services to prevent viruses and malware. Monitoring of Internet traffic to and from your business. VPN: point to point and client for secure connection to your business. Advice on which firewall best suits your business needs and Internet speeds.

Managed IT Solutions

Basic and Premium Plans to manage, monitor and secure workstations and Servers. Cloud Plans that include Microsoft 365 services Network and Cloud Management Plans to manage your routers, firewall and Wi-Fi.

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