Time for an Upgrade? When to Recycle Your Current Computer

By Chris Alton

Computers display signs of failing health before flashing the blue screen of death. If it takes more time to boot up your computer than it does to brew an entire pot of coffee: that’s a warning. If you can’t use your laptop without keeping it plugged in to an outlet, it’s near retirement age. The truth is that the lifetime expectancy of a desktop computer is roughly 5 years, while laptops usually last for 3 to 4 years. Here’s a quick primer on failing computer health symptoms, along with info on replacing your current computer or laptop.

It’s easy to get attached to your current desktop computer: it’s set up to manage your work flow well. Still, if your desktop is more than a few years old, it most likely contains an older, spinning disc hard drive. These drives deteriorate over time, and it’s usually cheaper to set up a new computer than refresh your old computer. Here’s a few signs that it’s time to recycle your desktop:

  • Performance is notably slower: powering up and opening programs takes too long, and everything slows down when several programs are open at once.
  • Installing new version of programs like QuickBooks takes an hour instead of 5 minutes.
  • The fan runs much more often, and it’s so loud it’s hard to hear audio.
  • Programs randomly stop working while you are using them, especially if you have a lot of programs open at the same time.

In the same fashion, our laptops also become like comfortable couches we want to own forever. But a laptop’s life span is usually a few years shorter than a desktop’s lifecycle. You might even notice that your laptop loses some efficiency after two years of use. It’s compact and sleek, but it’s not as stable as a hardy desktop. When it’s close to replacement time, you’ll notice the same issues as the ones listed above, along with your laptop battery’s inability to hold a charge without the help of a plugged-in electrical cord.

While parting with your beloved laptop and sturdy desktop feels difficult, we’re experts at making this an easy endeavor. The good news about buying a new desktop or laptop is that both options are available with new, solid-state hard drives. We recommend that all our customers purchase computers with solid-state hard drives, even though the old, spinning disc drives are less expensive. These new solid-state drives are more efficient and reliable, making for even better work flow. Trust me: you’ll prefer working on your new computer.

Still, you’re worried that transferring all your old data will be as bad as remodeling your kitchen, with the need for a hotplate while the floor is installed. This isn’t how it works! We’re here to make that transfer easy. Usually, our techs can transfer and prep your new computer with all your work flows and programs while you’re at lunch. Then, we’ll take a bit of time with you to make sure your new computer is set up and working the way you like it. It doesn’t take days and days to get a new computer. And rest assured: your old computer or laptop will be recycled and put to good use once you part ways with it. Letting go of what used to work perfectly but no longer works well enough is much easier than you think.

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