We’ve Got Your Back

By Chris Alton

Remember sliding a back-up tape into a computer drive at the end of your work day? Remember forgetting to load the tape, then praying no data was lost overnight? While those tape-drive-backup-days are over for most companies, continuous backup support is a vital part of your IT system. Your computers and server contain a lot of important data that you depend on every day. If that data disappeared, you’d be as sorry as all heck (or worse).

We all know that the possibility of losing vital company data is very real. Hard drives can fail. Someone could steal your laptop. Disasters like fires, floods and earthquakes happen. If you mistakenly download a virus, your data could get encrypted and held for ransom. Files might accidentally (or purposefully) be deleted.

Whew. Now for the good news: We are here to address your backup needs and how backup services have changed. The speed of the internet and the Cloud have revolutionized how data gets backed up. I like to tell people that those puffy, fluffy clouds they see overhead are where their data lives.

OK, the truth is that the “Cloud” is a genius-level rebranding of the internet. When you upload your data for backup to the Cloud, you’re sending your data over the speedy internet (Cloud) to a safe and real physical server. On this secure server, your important data is encrypted and password protected.

Of course, if you set out to find the perfect puffy, fluffy Cloud + backup server on your own, the choices will be overwhelming. That’s why backup monitoring and maintenance is part of our Managed IT Service plans. I’ll help determine which files are critical to your business and ensure that these files (and your server) are continuously backed up. Tthat means your data will travel through the Cloud and then be replicated, encrypted and password protected on a secure server. We continuously monitor our clients’ backup plans, meaning we receive daily alerts regarding your data backup. When you entrust Alton Computer Solutions with your data security needs, you’ll sleep well.

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