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My computer is newer but is running slow. Can you help?

Yes. We will audit the computer hardware and advise on upgrading the hard drive with a new solid state hard drive. This type of drive has no moving parts and is much faster than traditional hard drives, which have spinning disks.

Our business software does not offer a Cloud solution and requires a server at our office. Can you help?

Yes. We specialize in setting up and supporting servers.

Do you offer managed computer support plans?

Yes. We offer a Basic, Plus and Premium plan to manage workstations, servers and networks.

Why do I need you when I have the Cloud?

To support your devices and network that connects to the Cloud. If you have a server, the Cloud also supports that server. If your network connection to the Cloud breaks: we can fix it.

What do your plans provide?

All plans include software to manage and monitor your computers along with antivirus software for every computer. The Plus plan includes Cloud backup. The Premium plan also includes Cloud backup plus a business continuity solution plan.

Do you support servers for our small business?

Yes. We understand that many businesses need a server for their Line of Business Software and we can provide expert support. Not every business software has a Cloud solution.

What is a business continuity solution or plan?

It is hardware, software and Cloud services to keep your business going and your important business files intact in the event of a disaster. Your server and data can be started in the Cloud from a secure data center or from a backup server on-site.

Why do we need a plan? Why can’t you fix stuff when it breaks on demand?

IT Support Plans provide the infrastructure needed to best serve our customers. We’ve found that a managed IT Support Plan covers the essential services needed to provide fast and reliable support every day. Our IT Support Plans provide predictable monthly and yearly IT expenditures. It’s like having an insurance plan that helps prevent and minimize problems.

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