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Preparing Your Small Business for e-Commerce During the Holidays

Is your e-Commerce all it can be for the holiday shopping season? According to Deloitte’s annual holiday forecasts, ecommerce sales are predicted to be as high as $149 billion during the holiday period, which it defines as November through January.

Seattle small business ecommerce
Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Small Business

Many small businesses aren’t large enough to have a dedicated on-site IT staff and don’t know where to begin in protecting their business from cybersecurity threats.  According to a Small Business Association survey, 88% of small business owners feel that their business is vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

How Your Business Can Recycle Computer Equipment

The tech industry is booming. Now more than ever before, technology companies are churning out tech devices with increasing capabilities. The innovation is wonderful for our businesses, but do you ever wonder what happens to all the outdated, no-longer-used computer equipment?

Firewalls: Modern-Day Moats

In an all good, positive, happy world, no one would be trying to mine or steal your data. But as a computer tech, I can tell you that there are known and unknown threats continually trying to mine your data...

We’ve Got Your Back

Remember sliding a back-up tape into a computer drive at the end of your work day? Remember forgetting to load the tape, then praying no data was lost overnight? While those tape-drive-backup-days are over for most companies...

Beware of Cybercriminal Attempts

With mysterious terms like “spear phishing” and “malware,” cybercrime sounds far out instead of a common daily threat. The truth: cybercrime cost the world economy more than $450 billion in 2016...

Time for an Upgrade? When to Recycle Your Current Computer

Computers display signs of failing health before flashing the blue screen of death. If it takes more time to boot up your computer than it does to brew an entire pot of coffee: that’s a warning...

Remote Access Solutions for At-Home and Travel-Workdays

In the last ten years, more Seattleites are commuting to work by telecommuting, no car, train, bus or boat needed! The Seattle Times FYI Guy reports that 2017 census data shows that...

5 Outlook Email Features That I Love

Ding! Remember when the Ding! sound was an exciting novelty? Email was an entire character in movies like Sleepless in Seattle and You’re Got Mail. Back then, it was easy to love this innovative office tool....

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